How2Scrape: Glass And Acrylic Cleaning 101

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We all get those days when our snails take too many breaks and our glass gets a nasty film blocking our view from our beautiful tanks.  Some have diatoms, others just have excess coralline algae.  Whatever is on your glass should not be there, so here are some tips for cleaning off your viewing hole. WARNING.  ACRYLIC AND GLASS REQUIRE DIFFERENT TOOLS.  A SCRAPER MADE FOR GLASS CAN AND WILL SCRATCH ACRYLIC.  GLASS IS A VERY HARD SUBSTANCE AND ACRYLIC IS SOFT IN COMPARISON. ALWAYS CHECK BEFORE YOU SCRAPE. Like the warning states, you should never use glass cleaning tools on acrylic. An acrylic scraper will work on glass, though glass only scrapers tend to work more efficiently. More: How2Scrape: Glass And Acrylic Cleaning 101

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