Photo-Chop: What You See Is Not What You Get -

Photo-Chop: What You See Is Not What You Get

Have you ever shopped online and purchased a coral that looked extremely bright and full of color only to receive a dulled down version?  It has you question whether your tank husbandry is out of whack and makes you second guess your light choice.  The truth is that you probably do have the exact coral from the photograph.  The lights they use are probably equivalent or less than yours.  After all, most businesses try to save money.  They also find ways to make money.  One of the most successful way to make us drool is with a coral that looks as bright as a bag of Skittles.   The “technique” has been labeled “Photo-Shopping,” though nowadays people just use smartphone photo editing apps.    Benefits of Editing Better Photos:  Personally, I have a heck of a time getting my camera to capture what my eyes see.  The blue channel always seems to overpower the white, thus making terrible photos without doing a few things with the lights before snapping the shot…or I can easily take the picture and then adjust the photo afterwards to make the picture look more real. More: Photo-Chop: What You See Is Not What You Get

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