Mr. SaltwaterTank’s interviews Dr. Kate Rawlinson about AEFW (plus call to action)

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In the past decade, AEFW arose in our hobby seemingly out of the blue, threatening the health of many captive Acropora in hobbyists’ aquariums.  Only last year did Dr. Rawlinson and her colleagues discover AEFW in the wild at Lizard Island, Australia, perhaps shedding light on how AEFW were introduced into the hobby (IE AEFW’s prominence loosely coincides with the first import of Australian stoney corals in the early 2000s).

Dr. Rawlinson continues her research and has sought crowd-source funding to help further her research, which may lead to a cure.  If you’d like to contribute to the science (and we strongly encourage you to contribute what you can), follow this link.

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