#5: On the Clownfishes’ Range of Hosts

by James W. Fatherree


When people think of symbiosis on the reef, the relationship between clownfish and anemone often is the first to come to mind. However, anemones are not the only hosts clownfish will adopt. James Fatherree explores both the iconic relationship between clownfish and anemone as well as some less conventional hosts.

#4: Amino Acids and Corals: Sources, Roles & Supplementation

by Tim Wijgerde, Ph.D.


Amino acids are a popular ingredient in aquarium additives nowadays, with many advertised beneficial effects on corals. In this article, I will provide some basic information about amino acids, and discuss their documented roles in coral biology. This will help the aquarist to make an informed decision about using concentrated amino acid as supplements for the marine aquarium.

#3: Geekphysique’s high tech planted aquarium

by Gareth Dominy


What does a former reefkeeper do with a cache of high tech equipment? Start a high tech freshwater planted tank! Aquarist Gareth Dominy re-imagines uses for classical reefkeeping gear to create an automated 65 gallon planted aquarium that is a real showstopper.

#2: Photosynthetic Efficiencies of LEDs: Results of Short Term Exposure to LED Lights

by Dana Riddle


Dana Riddle studies zooxanthallae exposed to varying intensities and colors of LEDs between 365nm (UV-A) and 657nm (red). The collected data sheds light on how different spectra affect photosynthesis and the Xanthophyll Cycle, helping us to better understand how corals use and respond to light.


#1: Debunking Aquarium Myths

by Tim Wijgerde, Ph.D.


Myths are a part of life, and occur everywhere. So too in the aquarium hobby, where anecdotal observations and theories sometimes transform into facts, with little evidence to support them. We often make choices based on hearsay or “facts” presented by aquarists, who may dispense their advice with the best intentions. In some cases, unfortunately, we are misleading ourselves. In this article, we discuss some of the myths that still persist in the marine aquarium hobby today, and look at these from a scientific point of view. The take home message is that we should all keep an open mind, but remain critical towards claims that have no factual basis.

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