Acclimation Made Easy: Aquarium Livestock Acclimation Tips

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Have you ever woke up from your warm, fuzzy blankets only to be frost bit by the cold air outside of your place of slumber?  Have you ever taken a hot shower and opened the door to a gust of cold air?  Luckily all humans do is complain, shiver, and then slowly get used to the change in temperature.  With fish, corals, crabs, octopi, and anything else we normally see in aquariums, we have to be much more careful when adding a new creature to a new environment.  Don’t put your animals through the cold breeze after a shower feeling, acclimate them to it! Physical: The obvious reason for acclimation is like the analogies above.  What physical difference does the water have to the water they came from?  Is there a large temperature difference More: Acclimation Made Easy: Aquarium Livestock Acclimation Tips

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