Copper Treatment For Marine Ich

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Copper treatment is a very effective way to rid and prevent Marine Ich. In a Fish Only system you can dose the display tank with it, but do not expect to ever keep a snail, shrimp, coral, anemone, or anything else BUT fish. This is one good reason a quarantine tank is a must for anyone who wants to have corals and it is not hard at all. Cupramine Copper Treatment WHAT YOU NEED -10-30 gallon aquarium – Heater and Thermometer – Filtration (without carbon) – Copper test kit and Preferred Treatment – Refractometer – Water quality test kits – RO water and salt mix – Plastic or PVC Decor for fish to hide – (Optional) Food container of sand for fish that bury themselves – A light to observe and give the fish a proper day/night schedule example quarantine or hospital tank image via PREPPING THE QUARANTINE 1. Take any sponges incorporated with your planned filtration and place them in a clean part of your sump. This will build beneficial bacteria while reducing the gunk buildup so you can use your quarantine tank within a couple weeks rather than making it go through a cycle for longer on its own. 2. Fill the tank with saltwater and allow it to get to temperature. 3. Install the cycled sponges from your sump into their locations on your QT filtration More: Copper Treatment For Marine Ich

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