Lyretail Anthias: Ain’t That The Truth

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So you want a fish who will brighten up your day?  If you have a 6 foot or larger tank like a 125 gallon you are open to a type fish that can actually benefit your reef’s community in a way you would never expect. Lyretail Anthias are a very popular fish for larger aquariums. Before you dump one or two into your tank there are some facts to look over first.  PERSONALITY & BEHAVIOR  These fish have a very outgoing personality.  They are the life of the party.  If they notice a fish that is shy or skittish they are known to give them the courage to join the rest of the fish in their daily…whatever it is fish do to pass the time. They spend most of the day swimming around the middle of the tank but do swim through the rocks as well so hiding spots are a must, besides, they do need a place to sleep. More: Lyretail Anthias: Ain’t That The Truth

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