Has the invasive Lionfish finally met its match?

By James 7 years ago1 Comment

Spotted Moray kills lionfish @Utila 20/3/2014

Spotten moray eel hunts and kills lionfish on Utila, 20/3/2014. You can see the lionfish being chased in the beggining of the video on the top of the reef, then they come around the reef again. Filmed by Brett. Edited, published and owned by Karl Attin.

Check out this awesome video from a diver in Utila, Honduras which features a Spotted Moray Eel (Gymnothorax moringa) hunting an invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans). This is the first video of its kind that I have seen (and certainly a first for the Bay Islands, where there are hundreds if not thousands of divers in the water daily) which features an untrained predator going after a lionfish, which have no natural predators in the Caribbean. This is great news if eels and other predators are starting to get a taste for this beautiful but damaging invasive species.



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  • I don’t see how this video shows the moray “hunting” anything. It merely shows the moray attempting to consume the lionfish, something which is quite common. I, myself, have placed hundreds of dead lionfish onto Utilian reefs fully expecting a moray to come along behind me and find it and attempt to consume it. To me, this video depicts exactly this.

    But we can be hopeful, I suppose.

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