Manhattan Reefs Spring Frag Swap 2014

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spring-2014-frag-swap The Manhattan Reefs Spring Frag Swap 2014 will be held at Pace University in downtown New York on May 4th.  The guest speakers are Francis Yupangco and Laura Birenbaum.  Vendors to include: 

  • Cherry Corals
  • Jason Fox Corals
  • Pacific East Aquaculture
  • Manhattan Aquariums
  • Blue Water Tropicals
  • Gotham Aquatics
  • Affordable Aquatic Supplies
  • R & R Aquatics
  • Exotic Reef Creations
  • Pop Corals
  • colorfulcorals
  • Pax Bellum
  • Pablo / Dan Rigle
  • Fluval / Hagen
  • Aquatic Life Direct

  This event is almost sold out, your must RSVP NOW to guarantee admission.  

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