The Georgia Aquarium condensed into one minute time lapse

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When it opened in 2005, Georgia Aquarium (Atlanta, GA, USA) was the world’s largest aquarium.  Even though it has been surpassed in size by several Asian aquariums, the Georgia Aquarium continues to be an amazing and massive facility – one which every sea life lover should hope to experience in their lives.

The public aquarium is the only facility outside of Asia to exhibit whale sharks, which we see in the video; The whole structure itself was actually designed around the enormous 6.3 million gallon whale shark main display.  Now before anyone gets on a soap box about whale sharks in captivity, understand that the whale sharks were taken from Taiwan’s annual fishing kill quota.  In other words, if they weren’t kept alive on exhibit, they would have ended up on someone’s dinner plate.

In the time-lapse video, we experience the 6.3 million gallon “Ocean Voyager” from both its walk-through tunnel and massive main viewing panel.  We also get a glimpse of several jellyfish exhibits as we well as the 164,000 gallon Indo-Pacific reef exhibit.

We know we’ve shared a lot of aquatic time-lapse videos over the years, but we make no apologies for the excess.  Blame time-lapse (done right) for being way too awesome.


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