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2014_05_teco_tank_tk_034During Interzoo in Nuremberg, Tecohas unveiledthenew Tank Chiller Line, anew range of revolutionary chillers. Todaywe present to youthe video presentation.Yesterday theInterzooexhibition opened in Nurembergand, during this fair, Tecofinally revealsto the publicitsnew range ofchillers, the seriesTankChillerLine.Tecohas createda video presentationthat runs through thevarious features, fromsmallTK 150, up to 3larger chillers, theTK500,TK1000 and TK2000.Overall,we are talking aboutan increaseofC.O.P.(coefficientof performance), which varies from 1.6 for the smallest one to 2.2 of thelargestTK2000, this meansthat with100 watt they cancreatefrom 160 to220watts incooling. A trulyremarkable.But now we can watchthe video presentation, with all the characteristicsand peculiaritiesofthese brand newchillers.

The new Tank Chiller Line from Teco

The video presentation of the new Tank Chiller Line from Teco. The new models are: TK 150, TK 500, TK 1000 and TK 2000.

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