Seahorses for all

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Seahorse aquariumWhat was once the domain of public aquarists only is now widely available for all hobbyists.  Captive-bred seahorses and systems designed specifically for keeping and breeding seahorses will now be available form Reef Eden as from August.

The SYNGNA system employs a Tunze circulation pump and baffles to convert high velocity water flow into a smooth mass volume water motion.  A Tunze skimmer and Cree XH-G and ML-E series 16k LEDs also come standard with the system.

Whether you’d like to display them or breed them, as long as you have £1000, you can try your hand at it.

Here are some more specs:

  • Acrylic main body with glass rear cover plates, removable rear diffuser plate and inner substrate tray with flow underpass feature.
  • Dimensions: 43x43x43cm / 60x60x60cm
  • Low wattage high efficiency tunze filtration system incorporating Tunze comline / turbelle pumps and Tunze comline skimmer technology, combined with large volume bio-media chamber with capacity for additional media-bag storage.
  • 2 x rear ports with removable hosetails:
  • Optional extras: Rear mounted overflow box for connection to sump systems / Breeders removable slot in Micro-Mesh safety screen.

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