Rare Two-Faced Chimera Maxima Clam at Pacific East Aquaculture

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Ultra Rare Two-Faced Maxima Clam at Pacific East Aquaculture

www.pacificeastaquaculture.com One in every couple of million clams is like this ultra rare two-faced Maxima. Collected at our own collection station in French Polynesia.

Once in a blue moon do you get to see a Maxima with coloration like this. Pacific East Aquacultures Two-Faced Maxima is a one in a million clam for sure. This wild specimen is from French Polynesia. I’ve seen only a handful on the wholesale side. AquaNerd covered PAE’s last showstopper Two-Faced Maxima. Of the rare Two-Faced Maxima’s, ReefKoi’s had to been my favorite.

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