The fluorescence of “Istedgade Reef” 

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The fluorescence of "Istedgade Reef"

Istedgade Reef

Inspired by James Fatherree’s wonderful mixed reef aquarium we published earlier this week, we decided to look for other examples of great reef aquariums housing a mixture of soft and stony corals.  While pure stony (mostly SPS) coral aquariums have become the most popular type of reef these days amongst seasoned reefkeepers, there’s still nothing quite like a healthy captive reef where soft and stony corals live in harmony.  Movement and structure … you can have your cake and eat it too.

Here is “Istedgade Reef” under serious blue lighting.  We presume this aquarium is another Danish beauty although we haven’t been able to find any details.


For those who want to see “Istedgade Reef” under full spectrum lighting, your wish is our command.  Kicking back and taking in a gorgeous reef tank is a terrific way to end a long work/school week.

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