Mantis Shrimp Seen Attacking in High Speed Video

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Ultimate alien like spear mantis feeding on fish in slow motion

Dr Jamie Seymour from James Cook University and Emmy Award winning cameraman Richard Fitzpatrick film a spear mantis shrimp at 1500 frames per second. Also check out Destin’s video at Smarter Everyday.

The aquarium hobby as a whole pretty much loves stomatopods, otherwise known as mantis shrimp. These fascinating creatures are both deadly and beautiful, as the rip into their prey while adorned in fancy colors and patterns. The video above, which is from biopixel, shows both of these features in incredible detail with a high speed camera. The action is slowed down 60 times, and we get to see both spearing and smashing type mantis shrimp going to town on some unfortunate food items. MORE: Mantis Shrimp Seen Attacking in High Speed Video



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