Monterey Bay Aquarium Presents Brilliant Spooky Showcase of Marine Life

Caitlin NicholeBy Caitlin Nichole 5 years ago
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tumblr_ndk7blzHsr1qm9k25o9_250In perfect classical horror movie fashion, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has put together a wonderfully spooky collection of e-cards starring some of the most frightening creatures of the deep. The Vampire Squid, a predatory tunicate, a viper fish, and a gape-mouthed sponge make an appearance, among others, all dubbed with adorable ghoulish titles. I can’t really pick a favorite, but the “spookie monster” and the Vampire Squid (because, cephalopod) come pretty close. So if you’re in the holiday spirit or a huge Halloween junkie like me, pass along one of these darling fright cards to your reef chums (or just your regular ones). Happy (almost) Halloween!

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