The Magical Mystery Clown is Coming to Blow You Away

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Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 7.01.38 PMORA announced earlier today that they discovered a mysterious hybrid at their hatchery while sorting through a tank of several hundred Black Polymnus juvenile clowns. Three deep chocolatey-hued fish were pulled from the group, all wearing thinner, sleeker stripes than your average Black Polymnus,  gold accents around their body and a shimmery. light yellow trim on their ventral edges. ORA is guessing their mother to be a young F1 Black Polymnus and the father is one of their Goldflake Maroons.

While the hybrids are certainly a unique, handsome little fish ORA has no intention of breeding or producing them on any sort of regular basis, and simply are enjoying, and thankfully sharing, the happy little surprise.


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