Underwater Snowstorm: Incredible Coral Spawning Footage From James Fatherree

Caitlin NicholeBy Caitlin Nichole 6 years ago1 Comment

Coral spawning event in my aquarium #2.

The corals spawned in my 125 gallon reef aquarium.

Here in New York on December 8th it snowed a just a bit, little fluffy white flakes flickering about the sky under the street lamps, creating a beautiful scene with the holidays ever so quickly approaching. Meanwhile, in the 125 gallon reef aquarium of James Fatherree, something much more magical is happening as his corals spawn for the first time, creating their own snowy display as they release eggs and sperm into the water.

Mass spawning normally occurs in the wild following lunar cycles and tidal flows, with corals usually timing their spawn with a slack tide allowing the eggs and sperm to meet, followed by a stronger tide to pull the fertilized eggs away. It’s quite the sight in a home reef. Slight temperature adjustments of even a few degrees can trigger a spawn, given all of your parameters are on point and your tank healthy. Fatherree is no beginner aquarist, the successful author of multiple books, public speaker, instructor, diver, photographer and geologist has been a hobbyist since his childhood, keeping aquariums for nearly two decades successfully.


Be sure to watch all four of the videos, it’s not often we get to witness such a natural wonder in our own home!


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