Breathtaking photos by Ned DeLoach

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Breathtaking photos by Ned DeLoach

A Bumble Bee Shrimp (Gnathophyllum americanum) riding the poop chute of a sea apple. Nice.

If you must insist on reading something interesting today, head over to our friends at to learn more about Ned and Anna’s trip to the Banda Sea this past April.  You’ll also find more incredible photos there.  Here’s just a few more photos from Ned’s dives:

Bobtail Squid (AKA Dumpling Squid) having a shrimp cocktail.  These color-shifting squids (thanks to symbiotic bacteria in their skins) are cute buggers.  See for yourself.


A juvenile Pinnate Batfish looking awfully regal!  (PSA: Don’t ever buy these if you encounter one at your LFS.  They grow huge and ugly.)


And one more cephlapod photo for good measure because … well, cephlapods are crazy cool (ain’t that right, Richard Ross?)


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