Touch of Modern Offering PJ Reef Deluxe Kit Flash Sale

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Looking for just a sliver of reef in your life without the hassle of expensive equipment or maintenance? Touch of Modern, the uber-sleek hub of flash sales focusing on innovative and unique wares is offering the PJ Reef Deluxe Kit with a generous discount. The ultra-pico “tank”, which was successfully funded in July of 2013 with a Kickstarter campaign, boasts itself as a super low-maintenance, self contained marine environment. 


This could be the perfect solution for you hardcore reefers out there who go through fits of withdrawal when away from your tank for too long. The deluxe kit comes complete with a handsome metal Bridgelux LED lamp/stand, glass aquarium, an itsy bitsy cleaning magnet, and an “ecosystem”, which consists of three corals, two macroalgae and a live arrival guarantee. Animals offered are of the “take care of in your sleep” variety – mushrooms, star polyps, zoanthids. If you want more control of how you stock your PJ Reef, you can also purchase the bare bones kit on their website, but take note – this system is not suitable for fish of any kind so don’t even think about it!Untitled

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