Bon Appétit! Innovative Marine Introduces Line of “Gourmet Gadgets”

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Innovative Marine’s “Gourmet Defroster”

Let’s deviate a bit from the broiling topic of what you’re feeding your fish, and plop right into the deviceful world of how you’re feeding them! Innovative Marine is harmoniously melding the elements of convenience and proper feeding practices with their new line of “Gourmet Gadgets”, and the lineup thus far looks promising for saltwater and freshwater aquarists alike. 

The first three gadgets making their debut, clever tag lines and useful videos in tow, are designed for use with the most common forms of feeding – frozen foods, pellets and flakes, and seaweed sheets of your choosing – and dispensing them in the the cleanest , most efficient way possible.

defrost 1First up is the Gourmet Defroster. This 3-in-1 magnet-mounted acrylic device makes thawing, releasing and sequestering your favorite frozen foods painless and squeaky clean. The pivoting design allows you to dial in on how quickly the food is released, and can be deconstructed into a simple feeding ring as well.


What’s most appealing about this little guy is you can simply drop in the food and walk away without worrying about overfeeding or polluting your tank. Maybe you could even trust your kids or designated tank-sitter a teensy bit better to do just that in your absence!

How to Feed Frozen Food to Your Fish like a Pro: Innovative Marine Gourmet Defroster

The Gourmet Defroster – Feeding that is Well Thawed Out. Do you really have 5 minutes to “defrost” frozen fish food in a cup? We certainly don’t. The Gourmet Defroster is the fast, effective and simple way of feeding your fish frozen food.


grinder1Next up we have the Gourmet Grinder. This nifty. thumb-operated tool (look ma’, no batteries!) is unlike anything we’ve really seen in the fish feeding gizmo department. You might be wondering why you’d want to further grind your pre-sized pellets or flakes, but this is actually perfect for feeding smaller fish who might not be able to take down larger mouthfuls. The sleek device also allows you to target feed your tank without the food ever actually touching your hands, and that’s important because no one likes their fingers to smell like fish food, not to mention you completely avoid cross-contamination.

Not only does this appear to be simple enough to use, it actually looks like fun, so perhaps another way to include your kids when feeding your tank! The Grinder comes complete with a cleaning brush and stand.


How to Feed Pellet and Flake Food to Your Fish like a Pro: Innovative Marine Gourmet Grinder

Long work hours and busy schedules no longer prevent you from implementing a variety of food and consistent portion controlled feeding of your fish. The Patent-Pending AUQA Gadget Gourmet Grinder delivers a worry-free solution to hobbyist who values time, money and efficiency.



grazer4Lastly, we have the Gourmet Grazer, another magnet-mounted tool, this time for your veggie-loving inhabitants. The design here is pretty straight forward, but its simplicity is ingenious. The main issue with algae clips and rubber bands is they only have one point of contact, so once your eager fish start to nosh on their favorite seaweed sheets, more often than not it will inevitably break away, polluting your tank. The Grazer’s low-profile grid design allows for not only secure feeding, but continuous feeding throughout the day for multiple fish.

How to Feed Seaweed to Your Fish like a Pro: Innovative Marine Gourmet Grazer

Angels, Tangs, Butterflies, Mollies and many other freshwater and marine fish are natural “pickers”. They graze 90% of their day picking at the surfaces of wood, corals and rock. It is important that they are offered plenty of seaweed and algae throughout the day.

We really love how oriented these are not only towards time-efficiency, cost-efficiency and ease of use, but again they promote proper feeding techniques, making for happier, healthier fish and their keepers. All three gadgets will retail for $24.99 each and will be available internationally May 4, 2015.


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