One More Reason to Suit Up: Quicksilver Introduces Wetsuit… “Suits”

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Because you never know when you want to head straight from the office to explore the shallow reefs, or perhaps you felt underdressed on your last dive? Or maybe just because these are bursting at the glue and blind seams with awesomeness and you know you want one. Ok, so this trio of super stylish “suits” from Quicksilver Japan is marketed towards surfers, but we see no reason why you can’t slip into this 4-piece (jacket, pants, suit and tie) 2mm neoprene garb, which comes in two business casual options, along with a fancier black-tie tuxedo, for a little light diving. Available for roughly $3,200, two week custom order and shipping, we’ll file this one under “completely impractical yet desirable”.


クールビズからサーフビズへ。TRUE WETSUITS、登場。 それはオフィスでもビーチでも着用可能な、水陸両用スーツ。 高度な防水性能で着替えることなくオフィスとビーチを行き来することができる。 オフィススマート、カジュアルフライデー、そしてパーティタキシードの ラインナップを用意。 ビジネスマンサーファーのあらゆるシーンに対応する。 スーツの詳細と購入は、特設サイトへ。 MAKING OF TRUE WETSUITS Introducing the TRUE WETSUITS. High spec waterproof, the True Wetsuits can be worn from home to the beach, and from beach to the office with no need to change at all.

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