You Rock! Now Prove It and Win Some Real Reef Rock!

Caitlin NicholeBy Caitlin Nichole 5 years ago5 Comments

real-reefNow, everyone who partakes (responsibly) in the hobby of reef keeping is a Rock Star in our book, but “everyone” doesn’t make for a very exciting contest, now does it?

It’s always interesting to see how people fill their glass boxes, and the skeletal structure, the foundation, of every tank is the rockwork. And it’s all about how you place those rocks – “Aquascaping” is an art form in and of itself and can make the difference between a mediocre tank and a show-stopping one (along with mimicking a natural environment suitable for your inhabitants). So we want to put your aquascaping skills to the test!

Show us a picture of your rockin’ tank in the comments below and we’ll select the top three entries along with the folks of Real Reef, the gorgeous, eco-friendly live rock alternative, to win a 25-pound box of Real Reef Rock. Only rule? It MUST be your tank! Please include yourself in the picture, or for the camera shy, a hand-written sign with your name and some variation of “I’m a Real Rock Star”. You’ve got two weeks, let’s see your reefs on the rocks! 

Caitlin Nichole

 Caitlin Nichole

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    Avatar Kyly Bahnsen says:

    a tiny 15 gallon! im about maxxed out and need to upgrade! (or just start another. ?)

    Avatar Chris Hinsley says:

    Well, I told Frank I’d send him a copy of this when I got everything put together, so here it is.

    Avatar AndyStipe says:

    This is my 8 year old 150 gallon mixed reef. I am thinking about doing a tank overhaul and redoing my aquascaping.

    Avatar Daniel Walden says:

    Only a nano and recovering from a crash but the open rock work really adds almost a 4th dimension for the fish and inverts to live literally inside of the rock too. I am missing that Real Reef pink coralline though!

    Avatar John Gogel says:

    my 120

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