Massive life-sized GBR exhibit

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Massive life-sized GBR exhibit

All images by Tom Schulze (© asisi)

Just how huge?  The exhibit sprawls across 3,500 square meters (37,000+ square feet) and measures 32 meters tall (100 feet) and 110 meters (360 feet) in circumference.  HUGE!  The video tracks the reef life throughout night and day and is accompanied by changing ambient soundscape.  All imagery is projected in realistic 1:1 scale so visitors can best appreciate the GBR as if they had donned SCUBA gear.

The photos speak for themselves.  We can only imagine how incredible the experience is in real life.  More information and photos can be found at asasi’s website (at the time of this post, the website is unreliable and may not load).  The exhibit began this month and will run until September 18, 2016.





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