Two new Apistogramma are definitely beautiful

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The two new cichlids are described from Northern Peru in the journal Vertebrate Zoology (an open access paper with more photos and details worth reading).

Journal Reference: Römer, Uwe et al. (2015). Re-description of  Apistogramma payaminonis Kullander ,  1986, with descriptions of two new cichlid species of the  genus  Apistogramma  (Teleostei, Perciformes, Geopha – ginae) from northern Peru. Vertebrate Zoology

Apistogramma wolli


Apistogramma wolli pair tending to their babies!  Photo credit: Uwe Romer


Apistogramma wolli, female.  Photo credit: Uwe Romer


Apistogramma wolli, male.  Photo credit: Uwe Romer

Apistogramma feconat


Apistogramma feconat, female.  Photo credit: Uwe Romer

Two new Apistogramma are definitely beautiful

Male Apistogramma feconat. Photo credit: Uwe Römer

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