A new itty bitty reef goby

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A new itty bitty reef goby

Lubricogobius nanus. Photo by G.R. Allen

The new goby is described in the latest publication of The Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.  Like all other members of the Lubricogobius genus, it is very tiny and native to the western Pacific Ocean living on relatively shallow substrate.  There’s only four other species within this genus, so you might as well meet the rest of the family.

L_dinah.jpgLubricogobius dinah.  Photo by J.E. Randall

L_ornatus.jpgLubricogobius ornatus.  Photo by G.R. Allen

L_exiguus.jpgLubricogobius exiguus.  Photo by J.E. Randall

L_tre.jpgLubricogobius tre.  Photo by G.R. Allen

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