Pink Hearts Palythoa

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Pink Hearts Palythoa

 These Pink Hearts Palys are a beautiful morph with red and pink centers and a contrasting skirt.  Pink and red are two of the less common colors we see in corals so if you are a zoa or paly collector then this one might be one of your favorites after it begins to reproduce in the aquarium. CARE LEVEL:  Easy
PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble
WATER MOVEMENT: Moderate LIGHTING:  Moderate to high
HUSBANDRY SIDE NOTES:  The Pink Hearts Paly tends to do well in brighter lighting than many other Palythoa species. Leave room for it to expand and watch it grow to a lovely large colony. About Zoanthid and Palythoa Polyps:  Zoanthids and Palythoa have been extremely popular MORE

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