A furry/feathered/scaled/slimy Friend for the Holidays

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Gift by BlairSnow                                                                                Photo: BlairSnow

  I have finally found a present that I don’t need to reuse, reduce or recycle!  It’s the “in” thing to give as a Christmas present this year and….you can even be a last-minute kind of person who forgot to go shopping and get one on the 24th or 25th .  It’s adoption papers for a marine animal! The money goes toward research and education, and the care of the animals (depending on which organization you choose) and there are a huge variety to choose from.  Here are just a few that I’ve come across; you can also contact your local public aquarium, I’m sure they’ll be able to help you find your perfect match: seahorse_adoptionSEAHORSE http://www.mcsuk.org/support_mcs/Join+Donate+Adopt/Adopt-a-Seahorse SEA OTTER
http://gifts.worldwildlife.org/gift-center/gifts/Species-Adoptions/Great-White-Shark.aspx PENGUIN
http://sanccob.co.za/adopt/flamboyant_cuttlefish_adoption HARBOUR SEAL
http://www.aquablog.ca/2015/08/adopt-a-harbour-seal-and-support-marine-mammal-rescue/octopus adoption TURTLE

Manta Ray

Manta Ray- Jon Hansen

http://www.marinemegafauna.org/support-us/adopt-a-giant/ SEA TURTLE
http://www.shopnwf.org/Adoption-Center/Adopt-a-Sea-Turtle/index.cat?&sSource=96718&kw=&announcementid8541342= orca adoptionORCA
http://whalemuseum.org/collections/adopt-an-orca So what are you waiting for?  Adopt an animal for your loved ones!

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Heidi dM

 Heidi dM

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