The Home Aquarium Redesigned With Scandinavian Style

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Norrom Aquarium - reefsSwedish designer Charles Törnros set out to address what he perceived as flaws in the design of current desk top aquariums and has achieved a result which is elegant, minimalistic, and also customizable to match almost any home decor.  After 1240 design hours, 93 prototype revisions and 461 testing days the “Norrom Aquarium” was born.

The Norrom features various finished wood choices for customization of the lid and base to suit your decor.  It can also be purchased with an unfinished wood base and lid which can be painted or stained to match your home’s color scheme.

The aquarium’s lighting is completely hidden from view and only one power cord is discretely hidden neatly in the base of the aquarium.  The LED lighting delivers 500 lumens of full on power that can also be dimmed to any level, creating an early morning, evening or night-time moonlight effect.    MORE

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