Longsnout Seahorse

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Longsnout seahorse wrapped around gorgonian. Hippocampus reidi. Commonly known as slender seahorse. Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Unaltered/Uncontrolled. Digital Photo (vertical). Model Release: Not Applicable.

I have an ultra beautiful, Longsnout Seahorse for your viewing pleasure today that we found hanging out in a big gorgonian at around 60 feet. From a distance this seahorse looked like a Christmas ornament blowing in a soft breeze and at first glance your mind struggles to take in such an unreal sight. I personally don’t find many seahorses or frogfish but I know they are all over, most are very hard to see unlike this one who was begging for attention. Remember the frogfish I told you I saw?? Well I went back the next day but had no luck at all as he was the color of algae and it would take a master to find him, maybe I should call our friend Sal who’s in Bonaire right now, he could find him…

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