Banggai Cardinalfish and The Endangered Species Act -

Banggai Cardinalfish and The Endangered Species Act

 Collection of Banggai Cardinals for the aquarium trade is the major driver for their harvest. 

While there still is a certain amount of wild-harvested Banggai Cardinals making its way into the North American market, the vast majority of this species entering the market originate from aquacultured sources now,  predominantly and primarily through the efforts of large scale producers overseas and the distribution efforts of Quality Marine and others.

Time flies when you are having fun

I recall when Dr. Gerald R. Allen (Gerry) spoke about his assistance to the Banggai Rescue Project during his appearance at the 1995 MACNA Conference in Louisville Kentucky.  As the ichthyologist who first introduced the Banggai Cardinalfish to modern science and the aquarium hobby, Gerry showed slides of his very first live specimens which he had collected in 1994.  From those beginning efforts of responsible sourcing and preservation, you can fast forward to the present where we are seeing many aquacultured species such as angelfish, Yellow Tangs, Blennys, Gobys and others.MORE


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