ProDibio Announces the Release of its “Aquarium Cure Program”

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 ProDibio, the makers of BioDigest, Bioptim and other aquarium supplements have developed an FDA approved line of freshwater and saltwater fish medications. The medication lineup includes 6 new products; three for freshwater ailments and three for marine. The 6 products include: Spots & Velvets for Freshwater Fish Spots & Velvets for Marine Fish Worms & Parasites for Freshwater Fish Worms & Parasites for Marine Fish Bacteria & Fungi for Freshwater Fish Bacteria & Fungi for Marine Fish Like all of the other Prodibo products, each medication is packaged and dispersed its signature pre-measured, one dose, oxygen free and UV resistant glass ampoules.  Each package includes 5 ampules of medication and 1 ampule of BioDigest Start which is used on the final and 9th day of the treatment process. MORE

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  • David K

    FYI – It is highly unlikely that ProDibio actually obtained FDA registration for these specific products. It may well be that they used veterinary drugs that were previously approved for animal use by the FDA. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the particular drug is effective for the issue that’s advertised on the package.

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