The New DC Elos Pumps: DC3000, DC6000, and DC11000

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Elos first presented its new electronic return pump prototype two years ago at Interzoo 2014, and we’re happy to announce that it is finally available to consumers.

The three new direct-current pumps join the market that is currently dominated by Ecotech Marine’s Vectra, the Tunze, and the Chinese Big World pump, which we tested few months ago.

The three pumps, Elos DC3000, Elos DC6000, and Elos DC11000, each have very different performances.

Let’s review the features of the three pumps:

Elos DC3000

  • Type of pump: Centrifugal DC
  • Flow: 2.800 l/h (739 gph)
  • Head: 2.6 m (8.5 feet)
  • Power consumption: n/a (24V/1A)
  • Price: 170,80 euro


Elos DC6000

  • Type of pump: Centrifugal DC
  • Flow: 6.000 l/h (1585 gph)
  • Head: 4 m (13 feet)
  • Power consumption: n/a (24V/1.6A)
  • Price: 274,50 euro


Elos DC11000

  • Type of pump: Centrifugal DC
  • Flow: 11.000 l/h (2905 gph)
  • Head: 5,6 m (18.5 feet)
  • Power consumption: n/a (24V/3.5A)
  • Price: 341,60 euro


The pumps are available now on the Elos website, just follow this link.

We look forward to testing these pumps in the near future, and we will report back with all the measured values and a full performance review.



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