MACNA 2016 San Diego: The Eye Candy

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What would MACNA be without the rainbow of colors manifested in the form of beautiful ornamental fish, tropical corals, and amazing displays by some of the most prominent companies in the aquarium trade?  Enjoy this picture thread showing the best of MACNA 2016 San Diego beauties…

Beautiful corals dominated local retailers' booths

Beautiful corals dominated local retailers’ booths

Display tank at Kessil booth

Display tank at Kessil booth

Aquaillumination Display Aquarium

Aquaillumination Display Aquarium

Ecotech Marine display tank, showing their latest Radion G4 light

Ecotech Marine display tank, showing their latest Radion G4 light

Beautiful corals at MACNA 2016 in San Diego

macna2016-513 macna2016-514 macna2016-515 macna2016-516




…and Fish

ORA livestock

ORA livestock

macna2016-525 macna2016-526 macna2016-527 macna2016-529


…And some more corals

macna2016-901 macna2016-902 macna2016-998 macna2016-999 macna2016-1000 macna2016-1001 macna2016-1002 macna2016-1011 macna2016-1074 macna2016-1075 macna2016-1076
editor’s note: If you are the proud owner of any of the incredible corals pictured here and would like us to know, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

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