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Two Little Fishes CalaneezeCalanus is taking reefing world by storm. This small copepod from the frigid, astonishingly clean waters of Norwegian and North Seas is a highly nutritional meal for small tropical fish and invertebrates such as large polyp corals, anemones, and shrimp. Two Little Fishies has decided to jump onto the Calanus bandwagon, and the result is a freeze-dried version called Calan-Eeze._dsc4435TLF Calan-Eeze combines three different species of protein- rich Calanus copepod with carotenoids, Astaxanthin (a powerful antioxidant that exists naturally in Calanus finmarchicus and gives it its red coloration), other antioxidants, and beneficial lipids. The freeze dried food does not require refrigeration, but it does preserve almost all the nutritional value of the live copepods, which are sustainably harvested off the coast of Norway and shipped and packaged in the USA.Calan-Eeze comes in a plastic jar that contains 30g of the product; it’s also sold in bulk for large-scale reefing operations. Individual copepods are 2-3mm and are vivid red when soaked in aquarium water; when sprinkled on the surface, they float freely for a few minutes before they become “waterlogged” and sink. Feeding response from Calanus-containing products is nothing short of amazing, and it is no different when it comes to Calan-Eeze. Reef wrasses, clownfishes, and other small reef fish are especially fond of this food, and they go crazy every time I offer Calanus in the food mix._dsc4446The Guaranteed Analysis results of Two Little Fishies Calan-Eeze are as follows:Crude Protein (min): 55%Crude Fat (min): 20%Crude Fiber (max) 5%Moisture (max) 5%Astaxanthin (min) 440 ppm.To learn more about TLF Calan-Eeze, please visit the PRODUCT PAGE All photographs by author 



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