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nudibranchGood morning out there, I have something a bit different for you all this morning, something other than a crab or fish for once. This is a super tiny, very fragile deep-sea nudibranch, one of only two we found on the whole trip to St. Eustatius.
Nudibranchs are a type of sea-slug with bodies that are so delicate and move slower than about anything in the sea. This one here was about 12.5 mm or half an inch in length, I actually remember it being even smaller as it was so hard to photograph. With all the diving I have done in Curacao over the years I never found many nudibranchs other than the common lettuce sea-slugs that covered the reef in the shallows, so these are pretty special. This was another find by the Smithsonian scientists and Substation Curacao and if I get a name I will update this, so check back often. MORE

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