Cherry Fish!

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So, Austin Lefevre at Cherry corals has just posted a very quick, 25-second-long video on youtube, titled “Cherry Fish Teaser”. It’s intriguing, to say the least! Cherry Corals, based in Livonia, Michigan, has a well-deserved reputation for carrying beautiful, unique, high-quality corals – they’re known as being one of the US’s largest propagators of premium aquacultured corals.

The video offers us very little information, but plenty to speculate about; we know that it’s “coming 7-7-2017”, and that the tagline is “Professionally quarantined and conditioned fish”. Check it out, and get excited! And there will be much more information coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Cherry Fish Teaser

Uploaded by Austin Lefevre on 2017-07-05.

for more information about Cherry Corals, visit their website, HERE

featured image credit: Cherry Corals facebook page



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