Derilissus sp., Clingfish

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cling fish

Good morning, I have the third and final Derilissus sp. (clingfish) for you all that the Smithsonian Institution and Substation Curacao crew recently discovered off the tiny coast of St. Eustatius.

When we saw this fish for the fist time it was so small/tiny that we couldn’t see how beautiful those eyes were. It wasn’t until I shot it with the 105 macro lens on f40 with two Ikelite sub strobes that the revelation of this little fish came to light and I remember almost loosing my mind and yelling for everyone to come over and look at this fish! Upon seeing some of my first shots I remember also having this large group of people now surrounding me wanting to see more close-ups, it’s truly a fish that everyone has fallen in love with!

For those of you wanting to learn more about these beautiful little fish here’s a little more information about clingfish in general:

Gobiesocidae – Wikipedia

Clingfishes are fishes of the family Gobiesocidae, belonging to the order Gobiesociformes. They are widespread throughout tropical and warm temperate waters, particularly in the marine waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Most species shelter in shallow seagrass beds and reefs, clinging to rocks, algae and seagrass leaves.


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