The Sensafe iDip 570 Marine Water Testing Kit

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Sensafe EXact iDip570 Marine Kit – Learn more about the Sensafe iDip570 Marine kit on our blog. 5000+ articles and counting.

Recently, Sensafe released a video for the new Exact iDip570 Marine Kit.  In the video Noah from Sensafe explains on how to install the app and how to use the iDip photometer kit app. Sensafe has recently made some changes to a couple of the reagents and the resolution has improved as a result.  The iDip is accurate and affordable way to test various water aquarium parameters.

The kit includes the following reagent strips for use with the iDip570 photometer:

Standard navy blue plastic carrying case w/ Foam
eXact® Micro Strip Calcium Hardness UH Starter Strips 25 Tests (486668-A-25) New
eXact® Micro Strip Calcium Hardness UH Drops 25 Tests (486668)
eXact® Micro Strip Nitrate Starter Strips 25 Tests MORE

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