2018 Reefapalooza New York: The Eye Candies Part II

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In this second episode of “The Eye Candies”, we explore the contents of Reefapalooza NY vendors’ tanks to discover even more eye-popping corals, anemones, and other reef animals. The diversity of underwater life sold and traded here is mind blowing- collectors and propagators alike leave no stone unturned to find new and exciting morphs to be further propagated by fellow reefers. Check out the gallery below, and in case you missed the first episode, you can find it here:

2018 Reefapalooza New York: The Eye Candies Part I


Aquarium Care Center deserves a top spot here as they were responsible for designing and stocking perhaps the most impressive aquarium of the show- the Red Sea display tank. Simply stunning aquascaping!

Their livestock offering was equally impressive

AZN Nutty’s Saltwater Connection

Frost is known for bringing unusual inverts and he did not disappoint!


A local vendor with an amazing collection of, amongst other things, zoanthids, palys, and mushrooms


A wholesaler from California showcasing some healthy and unique fish


This new vendor from Long Island had a great selection of corals on the RAP show floor


Being one of the best known coral vendors in the country, WWC had some real eye candies in their frag tanks

That’s all for today, see you soon for the next episode of Reef Candies.

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