Reef A Palooza New York 2018 : AlgaeBarn

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AlgaeBarn, one of the premier vendors of phytoplankton and copepods in our industry was present at ReefAPaloozaNY. They showed off several changes that they have made to their products as well as the containers that those products are packaged in. I was happy to have the chance to sit down with Sean to learn about everything that this company has to offer.

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Reef A Palooza New York 2018 : Algaebarn

AlgaeBarn, one of the premium vendors of phytoplankton, copepods and AquariClip, original gel filter for our industry was present at ReefAPaloozaNY. They showed off alot of changes that they have made on their products as well as the casings of the products and I sat down with Sean to learn everything that this company had to offer.

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