GHL Presents an all new 6E-PAB Powerbar

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The perfect and safe functioning of the powerbars in an aquarium controller system is of essential importance. A malfunction of the powerbar can lead to significant losses in aquarium livestock. Therefore, it is critical to have the best aquarium controller equipment available.

The new and improved GHL Powerbars feature on/off switching of electrical loads for components such as heaters, cooling devices, solenoid valves for CO2control, or stream pumps. GHL Powerbars are specifically designed for use with their Profilux aquarium controllers. GHL uses components are that are UL-certified and flame retardant. The powebars can be easily mounted to about any surface with the mounting holes for easy instillation. Mounting holes are conveniently placed on the side or back (depending on the model) for easy installation MORE



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