Ultimate Aquarium Water Polisher: Hippopus Clam (Captive-bred at that!)

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I love aquaculture and the advancement of captive breeding. It means we take less from the wild and and are making a conscious effort to make the hobby much more sustainable; it’s better for the environment and takes ammunition away from those people that are anti hobby. Recently, Biota Aquariums, one of the leaders in the aquaculture and captive-breeding world, brought the Hippopus clams back to the aquarium trade, and I went to go check it out. After a month of quarantine and observation, we came to realize some awesome things about this rather low profile clam.

It is:

1.) THE best filter feeding clam on the market. It polishes water better than any clam that Biota has in their inventory and even cleared up a dino outbreak in one tank.

2.) One of the fastest growing clams

3.) A nearly bullet proof clam. I think it actually gives Deresa a run for its money.

4.) Colors change under LED lights. Both Jake and I noticed some color changes in depth of darkness; color rims are starting to develop on some of the clams and some patches of green sparkles are developing as well. Jake told me that he thinks it is the best natural water polishing “machine”, and I decided to put it to the test and dose an ungodly amount of Reef Nutrition’s Phyto-feast in the water to demonstrate how well these clams polish water in aquarium settings. Check it out!

Ultimate Aquarium Water Polisher : Hippopus Clam. (Captive-bred at that!)

I love aquaculture and advancement of captive breeding. It means we take less from the wild and and are making conscious efforts to make the hobby much more sustainable and give less ammunition to those people that are anti hobby.

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