Checking out the new TFT Wholesale Facility and Learning how to Pick Healthy Fish from the Pros

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For this video, I wanted to share a trip I took a few months ago to check out my friends at T.F.T Distributors’ new facility in Weston, Florida. First of all, huge thanks to T.F.T for allowing me to come in after hours to shoot this quick footage. I went there to meet up with my friends John Miller of Mad Reefer, Chris Portale of The Fish Store, and Shane Lafrenere of 247 Aquariums and while we were there, I went ahead and asked for some tips on selecting a good specimen of fish, including what to look for and what to avoid. Back to longer videos next week. Hopefully this can hold you over until then. Also, terribly sorry about the bad audio. The ambient noise was too much for my small shotgun microphone to handle. Happy reefing!

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