2021’s Hottest SPS corals! Personal perspectives from a serial SPS hoarder

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Trends are always ever changing in our hobby but one thing that remains the same is that people hold SPS in high regards and love them unconditionally. The beauty, complexity of keeping them happy/ thriving, ability to pull different colors in different situations/settings, and ease of propagation will always intrigue and keep the hobbyists engaged and begging for more as well as keeping vendors busy.

Over the years, so many different types of SPS have been introduced into the hobby and I think it’s safe to say that we have experienced success in the hobby as a whole in keeping them and aquaculturing them. In addition, many coral farmers are having success farming out large numbers of collector pieces.

Going back to the opening sentence regarding trends, what are the holy grails of 2021 for the stick heads? What are the must-haves for the serious collectors? I know that these are all subjective as beauty is defined differently by everyone, but I was very curious. To find my answer, I got together with one of my SPS gurus, whose tank happens to be extra nice and packed with some amazing SPS, Reinaldo of Pirates Reef Corals, to find out what corals HE thinks are worthy to be in the list of hottest SPS of 2021.

Check out his list and see if you agree / disagree with his selection, and if you would add any to the list, leave a note in the comment section below!

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