4D Master 4D puzzle

Clown Triggerfish & Copperband Butterflyfish

My little nerd heart just about burst with excitement when I stumbled upon these
delightful 4-D puzzles of tropical marine life. Available in everything from seahorses to moorish idols to lionfish and more (19 sets to choose from here!), these are a must have for all those reef aquarists with a passion for useless tchotchkes. Picture the serene beauty of your aquarium… now picture that aquarium adorned with a 4-D puzzle of a chambered nautilus. Looks nicer, right?

4D puzzle

Ocellaris Clownfish & Semilarvatus Butterflyfish

Moorish Idol & Frogfish

Chambered Nautilus & Clown Crab

Seahorse & Blowfish

Seahorse & Blowfish

Great White Shark & Sea Turtle Dioramas!!!!!

Great White Shark & Sea Turtle Dioramas!!!!!


Sea Dragon & Octopus siamensis

Leafy Seadragon & Amphioctopus siamensis

You’ll have to dig a little to find these for sale online (most are around $10). Each set measures a few inches across and contains a dozen or two pieces, so these aren’t a huge time sink. If, on the other hand, you have more free time than you know what to do with, here’s a 9000 piece jigsaw puzzle of a ridiculously inaccurate reef menagerie, where Indian Ocean Powder Blue Tangs cavort about with Hawaiian Yellow Tangs, and a Red Sea Blacktail Butterflyfish frolics amidst a group of West Pacific Ocellaris Clownfish. All this scene is missing is a pair of French Angelfishes and some Neon Tetras.

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