This One’s For The Ladies – “Girls In Sciences” Maritime Aquarium Program Awarded $10k Grant

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I’m joking, this grant benefits anyone who benefits from scientific research – everyone. This post comes to you today in the form of a collaboration with guest blogger, and my good friend, Brooke. She discusses a $10,000 grant awarded to a “Girls in Sciences” after-school program at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT. Read below for details on the wonderful program. Good work, doll, looking forward to more from you!

After an incredibly generous grant by Dominion Resources, the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Connecticut, is going to start hosting a “Girls in Sciences” afterschool program.

The program will take place at three local elementary schools in nearby Bridgeport for girls in grades 4-8, and will run for 12 weeks. It aims to teach young girls super interesting things like fish and squid anatomy and marine habitats. Hopefully, this new endeavor will get more girls interested in the sciences and marine biology, as females need to have more of a voice in these fields

The three elementary schools participating in the program were chosen by need, with over 97% of their population qualifying for free and reduced school lunches. These schools also primarily serve Hispanic and African-American populations, which are notoriously underrepresented in the core STEM sciences.

Jennifer Herring, President and CEO of Maritime Aquarium, explained the significance of starting the “Girls in Sciences” program:

“We want to create a safe environment where they can be with other girls and not have to worry about what the boys think of them. So they can completely dive in and feel free to take advantage of these incredible hands on experiences that we have here and not feel self-conscience about being good at it!”

Programs like “Girls in Sciences,” specifically aimed at empowering young girls in STEM fields, have been popping up all over the country. The White House has given its support for development in female centered STEM programs, encouraging private donations, like Dominion Resources’, and asking Congress to fund numerous projects. If we’re going to be the best country in the world and lead in the fields of marine biology and technology, we need to have the best scientists and innovators. This means getting children, of every background and gender, interested in the sciences at an early age.

Good luck to Maritime Aquarium and the students of Bridgeport!



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