A new genus and species of tetra: Phycocharax rasbora

Male Phycocharax rasbora

Tetras are one of the world’s most species rich family of fish (over 1,000 species).  Now we can add another species – and genus – to the family.  Phycocharax rasbora is a tetra discovered from a dammed portion of rio Braço Norte, a blackwater tributary with muddy organic substrate that is rich with algae. The new species is highly abundant here.

The males and females are sexually dimorphic; the males are considerably more colorful with lots of dull to bright red “flecking” throughout its body, notably the eyes and belly.

Phycocharax rasbora is described in PLOS.

Female Phycocharax rasbora
Female Phycocharax rasbora

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