A UV Sterilizer For a Reef Tank?

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Equipment | 0 comments

Reef keepers have long debated whether the constant use of a UV sterlizer is helpful or harmful to a saltwater reef tank. In essence, a UV sterilizer has a UV bulb in a water tight compartment that will kill or zap undesirables in the water that pass through the unit. Undesirables include free floating algae spores, parasites and troublesome bacteria such as heterotrophic bacteria, which are considered “scavenger” bacteria and can bloom, causing cloudy water.

A UV will not kill beneficial bacteria that are in the sand bed and live rock since they are not free floating. However, the key question is whether the sterilizer will also kill free floating microorganisms that are beneficial to corals? Are the benefits worth this MORE


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