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Reefs.com is the premier online destination for the saltwater aquarium and reef hobby.

This free online community allows users to interact in a forum-based environment enriched with high quality content, educational materials, scientific tools, and opinions from some of the most well known experts in the hobby.

Our Goals

  • Educate new hobbyists and promote learning in all areas of the hobby
  • Take as little as possible from the oceans and develop resource management programs
  • Grow the market for captive bred animals and develop best practices for fisheries and farms
  • Provide an open and inviting discussion area that is inclusive of people from all backgroundsreef

News & Learning

Reef Blog

Our online blog is the most popular news source for the reef aquarium hobby.  We feature well known writers from various areas of the industry and related topics including photography, SCUBA, travel, arts, and culture.

Advanced Aquarist

The oldest continuously running online saltwater aquarium magazine, Advanced Aquarist dives into the complex world of aquariums and marine science.


We currently syndicate content from over 20 different independent news sources.  This makes Reefs.com your one central destination for news from the world of reefs.


Reefs.com provides free forum hosting for regional clubs.  Reefs.com allows club administrators to focus their time and efforts on club activities and membership growth.

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